Thomson Reuters World-Check,the trusted and accurate source of risk intelligence made available to help organizations meet their regulatory obligations, make informed decisions, and help prevent organizations from inadvertently being used to launder the proceeds of crime,or association with  corrupt business practices.

World Check is an excellent tool to promote banking safety as it ensures that no high-risk individuals or businesses become clients of yours.



Global Check

At A-Check Global, every client is a partner. With a focus on providing superior customer care and support, we customize background screening solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements. Whether your business is a large global enterprise or an emerging start-up, we will provide options to meet both your risk management and hiring needs. At A-Check Global we’re not just background screening, we are Screening Made Smart.

Move Towards Technology:

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Our Quality

  1. A fastest growing service provider of IT & BPO.
  2. We are currently providing services in India and USA.
  3. Our Organization was established in 2009 & it is currently dealing with more than 100+ clients & which includes top market leaders in their respective Industries.
  4. We have experienced professionals for developing software solutions & mentors who carries wide domain experience.
  5. Experienced professionals for developing software solutions.

We have a team of specialists in delivering software solutions to the organizations in the quickest and cost effective manner.


Importance of BGC

Background screening services  help organizations mitigate risks and make informed decisions in critical areas such as employment, supplier selection, investment placement, institutional admissions, and data breach incident management including identity theft solutions for individuals.

People risk is one of the most important inner risks any business is exposed to. By understanding it character and damage potential, organizations can protect themselves from such risks by implementing adequate Background Screening process.